Terms and Conditions

General information

  1. The minimum purchase for each single race is 5 files (low resolution; 2500x1700px) for each driver; not combinable with other races or drivers.
  2. It is possible to buy the package, in special offer, of 20 low resolution files (2500x1700px) send an email to info@sportinphoto.com . The offer is valid for every single race and single driver and cannot be combined with other races or drivers. The cost of the photographs in files is the same as the cost in print, but they cannot be added together.
  3. The photographs that are purchased by the customer or the team are for personal use and not transferable to third parties without our consent , as the photographs are covered by copyright and copyright – law n ° 633 of 22 April 1941.

It is mandatory to name the author (Sport in Photo) if the images are published on the web, newspapers, magazines or shared on social networks .

Terms of sale

  1. The high or low resolution digital files can be sent at the customer’s choice via e-mail or cd-rom. The cost of the right to exploit the image varies according to the intended use;
  2. 2. Orders are accepted through the appropriate online ordering system or through negotiation by e-mail info@sportinphoto.it Please note that the images presented on the site they constitute only a small part of the real archive of each single event treated; moreover we also realize specific services on commission.
  3. The customer undertakes to respect the legislation protecting copyright and to make private use of the images received. in no case will the customer be able to transfer the images or rights on them to third parties. The customer is aware that any unauthorized use of the images will be prosecuted by law.